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How MAXI45 WorksYour Radio Station Today

Standalone Complete Radio streaming Hosting Control Panel The complete radio hosting with control panel, is the most advanced. Streaming control. To provide quality radio services. Comes with interfaces; Relay, Live, delayed, playlist, scheduled, DJPanel and SSL streaming,. for all broadcast systems.

Radio features

-Possibility to change plug-in at any time, -HQ bitrate, a larger ftp space,
-unlimited listeners
-Unlimited bandwidth .
-Sound correction and processing
-Full panel at no additional cost.

Streaming System

Professional Servers quality, ensuring stability to your station and allowing an unlimited number of connections without buffering. Our range equipped with Intel® Xeon processors®, is ideal for a large streaming any type of connections.

Broadcast worldwide

Join thousands of other stations with Created in 2006 we provide a Best Streaming Service. You can quickly and easily stream your radio station worldwide whilst keeping track of who is listening and where they’re from. an interface to set up the radio.

Stream on Any Device

100% compatble.
Start services starting at just $5.50/month.
Free automation platfor, sound correction and processing. Xeon processors, SSL Secure Streaming, Full Page Widgets,
Song Info, Full Page Player Public Link, Automatic Cover Images, Automatic player Background Image Changes.

Radio Online setup

automatic installation
Online Radio In Minutes.
No-Buffering Stream Servers
right after your command your server is automatically created
and you receive within a minute your login parameters to the control panel. Broadcast Live using radio streaming Hosting.

Playlist backup and Jingles

Voice Pro (On Air)
Jingles/IDs/AD (Pro). Create your playlist and Jingles with Voice Pro (On Air) playing a single-voice text live, or with a recorded jingle, the panel allows you to control and interactivity
with your listeners in a professional way.

Latest Streaming ServersIncluded Widget/addOn — The ultimate radio player with support for ShoutCast, IceCast, RadioJar and AzuraCast.

Top Sell
Online 120 seconds
Shoutcast radio 128kbps

Shoutcast Streaming 128 Kbps HQ unlimited Listeners.

Top sell
Online 120 seconds
Shoutcast radio 320kbps

Shoutcast Streaming 320 Kbps HQ unlimited Listeners.

Online 1/3 min
Shoutcast radio 192Kbps

Shoutcast streaming 192Kbps unlimited Listeners.

Online 120 seconds
Shoutcast radio 256kbps

Shoutcast streaming 256Kbps unlimited Listeners.

Online 120 seconds
Shoutcast streaming 112Kpbs

Shoutcast streaming 112Kpbs unlimited Listeners.

Online 120 seconds
Shoutcast nsv video 480kbps

Shoutcast Streaming 480kbps unlimited Listeners.


Autonomous Systems

When a remote source (live dj) has connected and will automatically switch, from auto dj to live broadcast. When the dj is done, all he needs to do is disconnect, the Panel will detect that the live source has disconnected and will return to the automatic DJ until the next DJ connection.

You can Connect and Stream a live mix on all Devices.

Stream Compatible with Windows/Mac/Android/IOS

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